Greek Life

While we vehemently denounce hazing, sexual assault, and the drinking culture at Miami, we recognize that Greek organizations are rooted in community, service, and scholarship. Since nearly 60% of the student body belongs to a Greek affiliated organization, our goal is to restructure and redefine these organizations, focusing on the benefits they have to Miami and the greater community. We plan to implement strategies that encourage social, business, service, and honors fraternities to work collectively to create a more welcoming and philanthropic community on campus. Similarly we hope to place an emphasis on Tri-Council, the governing body of Greek organizations, to specifically outline and enforce what the university, Oxford community, and student body expect and deserve from the diverse organizations. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

As members of underrepresented populations on campus, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. We plan on focusing our time and energy on changing the way individuals discuss gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. By implementing diversity and inclusion training for incoming freshman via canvas and orientation, we hope to solve the problem before ideologies rooted in hatred and bigotry permeate on campus. Additionally, we plan to create and strategically market more multi-cultural events both on and off campus to encourage individuals to broaden their understandings of what it means to be diverse. Ultimately, we hope that by creating a more welcoming and accepting student body, the number of individuals representing minority populations will increase on campus.

Student Wellness

We believe that all students deserve the right to feel safe on campus, as well as have access to free counseling and mental health workshops. We plan to encourage the university to reintroduce more accessible therapy services, ensuring that students who need help, get it. Additionally, we hope to integrate satellite counseling services in various areas around campus and introduce a resource on canvas that provides a schedule of on-campus wellness events.  In terms of sexual assault, we plan to apply pressure on the university to address Title IX violations. Likewise, we hope to encourage ASG, Greek organizations, and the City of Oxford to work together to coordinate efforts, seminars, and initiatives to combat these issues and uphold our ideas surrounding student health and safety.